We believe that the coaches are the driving force of Topserve. They are the ones sharing their knowledge, experience, and passion. For them, tennis is more than just a sport. It is a way of life.

Our Tennis Coaches are internationally certified and specified in tennis. They all have the skills and knowledge to efficiently teach you and help you reach your expectations.

Their extensive experience around the world allows them to adjust their teaching methodology to the different ages and levels. They follow a well-established program respecting the teaching chronology and development from a young age to adulthood. 


We believe that the best way to learn tennis is through discovery, improvement, and enjoyment.  For that, our teaching philosophy is based on these principles:


  • Have always a training plan
  • Set simple and precise rules
  • Use kids language and images
  • Encourage players after doing a good effort
  • Let the players experiment on their own – Discovery learning
  • Learn from known to unknown and from easy to hard
  • Create a positive group atmosphere
  • Stay active all the time
  • Have patience
  • Diversity and variations – make the players do a lot of different things
  • Let the players find solutions alone
  • Show the example