Our dedicated and passionated coaches will make the most with each practice with the adapted equipment  in order to ease the introduction into the tennis game while children develop proper technique and general motor skills such as balance, jumping, running in all direction.

There is no need to have a tennis court or tennis material on site because the coaches will bring all the material to be able to do the class. We use mini nets, foam balls and young children sized rackets to make the activity accessible and fun from the get go. 



Each age group has its specificity. For children, modified rackets and balls are used on smaller courts in order to ease the introduction into the tennis game while children develop proper technique and more specific motor skills such as side steps, cross over step, fine hand-eye coordination. 

From primary to high school, our coaches follow a precise learning chronology. We use discovery learning to let the players experience by themselves and we always work from easy to hard and from known to unknown.






The coaches will introduce the basic of the tennis technique. They will do so with adapted material to provide an optimal striking zone. Students will play one hour per week.


Students will be able to continue to develop good technique and learn the basics of tactic. Students wil play one hour per week.


Students will be able to master the good tennis technique, develop their tactical skills and learn the basic tactics of placement and recovery of the court. Students will play one hour per week.



An introduction to tennis. You will be learning the basics of a good technic with the purpose of enjoying some rallies as soon as possible. Kids, teenagers, adults, join us and discover the beauty of tennis.


For those with more experience, come and hit the ball with our coaches. You will receive technical and tactical guidance during rallies and points play


Tired of the treadmill? Change your usual workout for tennis.
A great and fun way to burn calories, improve cordination, balance and core.


7 good reasons to choose tennis for your company:

  1. It is the Perfect Social Activity to socialise with opponents and partners and share similar interests and goals.
  2. It’s a Life-Time Sport because tennis can be played at any age.
  3. Stress Relief – When you play tennis, your mind is forced to focus of the task at hand instead of focusing on your stresses and endless to-do lists.
  4. Weight Loss – Tennis is a great cardio workout, especially if you’re playing singles. You’re constantly running, pivoting, stretching, and moving every inch of your body.
  5. Improved Agility, Flexibility and Balance – By playing tennis on a regular basis, you will also notice an improvement in agility and flexibility.
  6. Fight and Prevent Disease -Tennis helps keep your lipid profile in check, keeping cholesterol low. This can decrease your chance of suffering from stroke, hypertension, and cardiovascular issues.
  7. Boosted brain power – Playing tennis can improve critical thinking, mental alertness, and tactical thinking by making connections in the brain.